About Us

A message from the owner (Frank) 

Welcome to & thank you for visiting us at Rescue Food Equipment Services.

Throughout my 24 year career in the commercial food equipment industry I have worked with & for some great companies and people. I would first like to thank those people for their help, guidance and the opportunities they gave me to learn & grow.  

I grew up learning the art & science of service, at my parents' domestic appliance service company in Nanaimo BC from the age of 8. I was tasked with recycling the appliances, long before recycling was a word used in households on a daily bases. My education was one of watching, learning, helping & listening to my mom & dad either in the shop or in the customer's homes.

Many years later in my 20's, I was given an opportunity to make the move from domestic appliances into the rarified air of the Commercial Food Equipment Industry. My very first service call was for a "Salamander that was popping!"  I remember looking at the work order wondering why I was getting a call for a reptile, not to mention how could the health department allow reptiles in a kitchen. It turned out that a salamander was a piece of equipment as well as a reptile, who knew?

Skipping ahead 24 years and I have just concluded 5 years of service at a major manufacturer of Food store equipment, where I took a multitude of training courses for their varied brands & types of equipment.

I am very excited, after all these years, to announce that on Dec 1st 2020 , Rescue Food Equipment Services we will be open for business.

"Your Vancouver Island Food Store Service Specialists"



F Burrows

Owner & Technician