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55% of North American businesses choose to react after their equipment has broken. This is commonly referred to as Reactive Maintenance or Reactive Service. This path is has its merits when dealing with less expensive non-priority pieces of equipment.

However a Proactive Maintenance or Proactive Service takes into account the priority level of what each piece of equipment means to your operation should it unexpectedly shut down. 

Priority 1: Where there is only one piece of equipment that can produce your most  popular products, and without it, production and sales stop. This equipment required same day service.

An example of a Priority 1 piece of equipment, would be a solitary bakery oven. 

Priority 2: Generally means that you have options or multiple units that you can rely upon to ensure that production still happens, but to a much lesser degree. the repair of this equipment could be scheduled for next day service.

An example of a Priority 2 piece of equipment might be a cooking line with 2 fryers. 

Priority 3: Would be the equipment that does not impact production in any meaningful way other than perhaps increased labour costs to produce by hand. The repair of this equipment can be scheduled several days after the equipment fails.

An example might be an Overwrap unit, that is used occasionally or a back up unit for your main production line.

Things to consider besides allocating a priority level to your equipment.

Health & Safety risks to staff and customers that each piece of equipment represents?

Gas equipment for example should be inspected, cleaned and maintained annually at a minimum.

Risk concerns:  Fire - Explosion - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The other questions you should ask

By not maintaining this equipment, do I run the risk of inuring staff or customers in the following ways 

  • Slips, Trips & Falls  due to water or oil leaks
  • Back Strain due to improperly installed equipment or perhaps hard to open doors
  • Shocks & Burns
  • Cuts due to improper spacing between blade and rear guard on meat slicers
  • Burns  due to Bakery oven racks with worn out casters
  • Severe injury hazards - Do all of your mixers have the mandatory Work Safe required bowl guards?

We would be glad to meet with you on site to discuss your equipment risks, priorities & issues. We'll even provide you a free, no obligation quote, based on 24 years of industry experience .

Proactive Maintenance customers can...

  • Increase the lifecycle of their equipment on average by 10%
  • Can reduce annual service costs by 12-18% (depending on equipment)
  • Have a safer work environment
  • Reduce energy costs with more efficient operation 

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